Word Count
April 2, 2007
“Which ones do you like Vic?”

“I’m not sure. Try the other pair on again.”

“How’s this?”

“Yeah. That looks better. The aviator glasses make you look way cooler.”


“Of course...and I’m not just saying that either. I’m not very fond of these flack jackets though.”

“They’re standard issue on every photo-op mission Vic. You know that.”

“I don’t see anybody on the base wearing them. It’s not like we’re going out into the field are we?”

“You can take it off as soon as the press corps is finished with us.”

“But it makes me look fat.”

“You should have thought have that before you scarffed down all those free doughnuts from Melnyk. Besides you really don’t look fat, I’d say more... authoritative.”

“Speaking of the Ottawa Senators owner, did you get a jersey too?”

“I got two! I just didn’t want to cover up these flak jackets.”

“Where’s Helen?”

“I think she was getting a few more minutes in the tanning booth on the plane before coming out. We can’t elect pale members of parliament. They all have to have that authentic Afghan tan for their campaign photos.

“She better hurry. It sure is hot here Stockwell.”

“Here have some of my sunblock, it helps.”

“Thanks. Do you have any lip balm?”

“Regular or mint?”

“Mint. Thanks.”

“I think we’re almost done.”

“I guess Helen will have to wait for the next trip. Can we stop over in Dubai on the way back?”

“Of course.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2007 Jim Sadlemyer