Word Count
April 3, 2007
“I want to speak to somebody in charge... NOW!”

“I’m sorry sir and you are?”

“Domi. Tie Domi.”

“I see Mr. Dummy.”

“It’s Domi, D-O-M-I. You follow?”

“Sorry Mr. er, Domi. Do you have an appointment?”

“I’m Tie Domi. I don’t make appointments. I break them. You follow?”

“I’m afraid I don’t, sorry.”

“I said I want to speak to someone in charge you F---ing F---!”

“I could let you speak to Carolyn Stewart-Olsen.”

“Who the F--- is she?”

“She’s the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary. Oh, here she is now?”

“May I help you?”

“You in charge here.”

“You could say that, just don’t quote me on that.”

“I want to know what makes you so F---ing special.”

“Now see here sir, I will not be spoken to like that in my own office.”

“I’m a taxpayer and you’re gonna F---ing listen. You follow?”

“What is it you want?”

“I want to know why in the F--- Belinda isn’t getting more time on question period. I want you to put her out front and center. Every F---ing time there’s an important issue. Her F---ing opinion is better than most of the pencil neck geeks you have her surrounded by.”

“Uh, Mr. Domi. I think you’ve made a terrible mistake.”

“I don’t make mistakes. I break them. You follow?”

“I’m afraid you don’t, follow. You see, this is Prime Minister Harper’s office. Belinda Stronach doesn’t work here anymore. You want Stephane Dion’s office.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2007 Jim Sadlemyer