Word Count
May 15, 2007
“Hello there young man. My name is Mildred. I’m off to see my grandkids in Vancouver.”

“Pleased to meet you Mildred. The name’s John.”

“This is all so exciting. I haven’t been off the farm in forty years. These busses sure got fancy John.”

“They are comfortable and it’s way cheaper than flying. I’ve logged a lot of miles on theses buses, part of the job. There are definitely worse ways to travel.”

“My, my, my, just look at all this traffic.”

“That’s the other reason I like taking the bus, no driving stress for me.”

“That poor driver. Why is that man behind him yelling mush all the time?”

“Must be a company man. Wow, look at him go!”

“Whose picture is that up at the front of the bus?”

“Oh, that’s George Bush. The company is owned by Americans, they’re just being patriotic.”

“Is that why they made us take the Pledge of Allegiance before we boarded?”

“I guess so. When we reach Calgary, they’ll play the Star Spangled Banner. It’s a good idea to stand up and sing along.”

“I’ll do no such thing!”

“I said it’s a good idea to stand up and sing. You don’t want to cause any trouble do you? It’s been okayed by the Harper Government.”

“Well I don’t care, I won’t do it.”

“Perhaps I should have made my introduction more formal. I’m Agent Smith, John Smith, Bus Marshall. You’ll sing or it’s the cargo hold for you.”

“Oh my heavens.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2007 Jim Sadlemyer