Word Count
May 29, 2007
“How’s things in O’Connors office?”

“It couldn’t be better.”

“Really? Even after he claimed that the entire cost of slain soldier’s funerals were covered?”

“Sssh hang on, the rail guy’s teeing off...wow! What a shot! Off the tee box, off the tree, just missed the beer cart girl and look at that, his ball is just off the side of the duck pond. Hey... it looks like it’s leaking something. Nice shot Cliff.”

“Ya, well if it wasn’t for the sun shining and those striking greens keepers, I’d have had an ace.”

“So, back to O’Connor. What’s your prescription for our Defence Minister this time?”

“Same old, same old. We’ll keep him out of sight for a few days. Then he’ll turn up in Afghanistan with a few celebrities.”

“Think it’ll work again?”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you support our troops?”

“Wha-... of course I do... oh... you got me. Ha ha!”

“So what’s your treatment plan of the RCMP?”

“We’re going with aggressive denial therapy followed up with a lengthy head in the sand treatment.”

“Sounds good. This lie of mine won’t do.”

“Which one?”

“I meant my ball.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s too far.”

“Too far?”

“Too far from the hole.”

“Nudge it up a little. No-one’s looking. Spring rules.”

“I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we call it a game, head to the lounge and add up our scores?”

“But I haven’t even teed off yet!”

“So? Theoretically, we could break the course record.”


* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2007 Jim Sadlemyer