(In 250 Words or Less)

OCTOBER 10, 2006
Word Count:250

“Absolutely no comedians Rona. Absolutely not!”

“But Stephen, we can get Mercer really cheap! He could explain how bad the Liberal’s plan really was and that now, we really have a better plan.”

“The answer is no. I admire your enthusiasm but after you told that parliamentary committee that the Liberals spent 100 million dollars buying carbon credits when they didn’t spend a red cent, our credibility is gone. We must appear to be taking this seriously.”

“Stephen. I was joking. I even held my baby finger to the corner of my mouth when I said that. I thought my Dr. evil impression was pretty good. Can I help it no-one has a sense of humor?”

“That’s why we need a serious spokesperson and not a comic.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I was hoping you could help.”

“How about Don Cherry?”

“If we could get him to do it I’d say yes. But if he’s against it, it could be trouble. Maybe MacLean?”

“Not popular enough. Too reserved.”

“Preston Manning?”

“Too Orville Redenbacherish.”

“Brian Mulroney?”


“Ben Mulroney’s dad.”

“No I don’t think so. Credibility issue.”

“What about Ben himself? Canadian Idol is pretty popular.”

“Yeah. I like it. We could draw the meetings out over an entire season. Ben could have celebrity judges vote on our recommendations each week. We could have a hit and at the end of the year, the climax would be our new green policy!”

“Do you think CTV would run it?”


* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2006 Jim Sadlemyer