(In 250 Words or Less)

OCTOBER 11, 2006
Word Count:243

“So…Arar wants the probe to resume?”

“Yeah. Just because a guy gets a bit of rough treatment, he feels he’s entitled to an explanation.”

“The nerve!”

“The gall!”

“Can’t we blame the RCMP again?”

“Don’t think it’ll wash. They caved under the pressure and came clean. They did it before. They’ll do it again. Drat those Dudley Doorights.”

“Don’t people realise that information, no matter what the source, is still information?”

“I guess they just don’t understand how we operate at CSIS.”

“We need information to protect us, er society needs to be protected and we protect them with the information we can gather.”

“The Syrians were able to extract from Arar that he was trained in a terrorist camp in Afghanistan. We believe that information to be true.

That is to say we believe they were able to extract that information. It does not make the information in and of itself true. However information, false or otherwise is still information.”

“Exactly! Just because Arar was never a terrorist doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be others doing the same thing.”

“Which was nothing. But the information was something.”

“And how do we protect ourselves from others we may get shipped off to Syria to get even more information we want to hear without getting probed ourselves?”

“The same as usual.”

“You mean?”

“Yep. Markers. Magic markers. Double wide, midnight black.”

“You know, I can “edit” a document in 30 seconds.”

“I’ll race you.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2006 Jim Sadlemyer