(In 250 Words or Less)

OCTOBER 4, 2006
Word Count:248

“Hey Stockwell! Have you heard? The Senators are taking on the Maple Leafs tonight.”

“No, but it sounds interesting.”

“You wanna watch it with me?”

“Sure, sounds great Stephen, what can I bring?”

“Don’t worry about it. Bernier is coming. He’ll pick up the tab. Which reminds me. Have you filed your expense account yet? Goodale is still asking questions.”

“I’ll get around to it. I promise.”

“Ha ha. That’s a good one.”

“Maybe we can make a photo-op out of it. I’ll ride my bike there. Show them that we’re serious about Kyoto.”

“Good thought but I prefer to keep this low key. I’ll have a limo sent for you.”

“Okay. Since we’re discussing Kyoto, I’ve got a great idea.”

“Oh and what’s that?”

“Why don’t we send a bunch of Smart Cars over to the boys in Afghanistan? It would show that even the military is concerned about greenhouse gas emissions.”

“You know Stockwell, I like the way you think. That might even make Hargrove and McGuinty happy.”

“That’s me Stephen, always thinking. Anybody else going to be there?”

“Ambrose and Reid said they’d come.”

“Good. They could probably use a diversion. It’s so unfair. They’re picking on the guy for saying what we’re all thinking.”

“I know. A few comments on Muslims and gays shouldn’t exclude him from being Ambrose’s Chief of Staff.”

“I can’t wait to see all those Liberal Senators trying to rake up those leaves. Boy do I love autumn.”

“Me too.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2006 Jim Sadlemyer