(In 250 Words or Less)

SEPTEMBER 12, 2006
Word Count:247

“I never knew you had a telescope George.”

“What kind of president would I be Stevie without a Texas-size telescope? heh heh.”

“Can I try?”

“Sure, go ahead. Look through that eyepiece there.”

“It’s a little out of focus.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got the whole United States government to help you see clearer. How’s that? Tell me what you see.”

“Wow! Is that what I think it is?”

“Yep. That’s the space station.”


“Impressive ain’t it? Did you know that we can see 85% of the Earth’s surface with that?”

“Really? Cool!”

“And 95% of the Earth’s population along with it.”

“You should run that face recognition program, you’re bound to find Bin Laden somewhere.”

“heh heh, don’t think that hasn’t crossed our minds.”

“What are those big laser cannon type things in front?”

“Let’s pretend you didn’t see those…Say, that’s quite the robotic arm you guys invented.”

“We’re proud of our contribution to the space program. It articulates very well…hey, that gives me an idea…bzzz bzzz.”



“Jack Layton speaking.”

“I’ve got a message for you Jack.”

“Who is this?”

“Never mind. Is there a guy in a white coat handing you a telescope?”


“Look through it.”

“Hey! Is that Canada’s robotic arm?”

“Yes. Watch what its doing…snicker”

“Its unfurling, its…its…very funny!”


“Who was it Jack?”

“Nobody Honey, just Harper and Bush fooling around. They had the Canadarm give me the Trudeau Salute.”

“Ignore them Jack. You’re better than they are.”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2006 Jim Sadlemyer