(In 250 Words or Less)

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006
Word Count:243

“Did you see the two of them together?”

“How could he do that to you?”

“It’s like over for sure now. And I mean totally over.”

“For sure.”

“I mean gag me with a spoon. Like did you see them at Timmy’s?”

“Totally. Like, they were like soooo juvenile.”

“Like, let me buy…no let me buy…no let me…arrgggh! I could just barf.”

“Did you see what she was wearing?”

“Ohmygod! What was that? I’m sure there’s like there’s a nun somewhere going like where’s my outfit?”

“And what was with her hair?”

“Eeeeeek! Like could it be any straighter?”

“Do you think she colors it?”

“For sure. Like she totally uses something.”

“Bill didn’t see this did he?”

“Uh who?”

“Oh c’mon, you can tell me…Bill…You know….BILL?”

“Bill? No! We’re just friends. He’s like waaay too old for me.”

“But did he see it?”

“No. It’s too bad. Friend or not, he totally wouldn’t let anybody get away with that.”

“It’s so unfair. That should be you and not her.”

“Sniff. I know…Why…Why does life have to be so unfair?”

“Like it sucks.”

“Sniff. I just don’t know what to do now.”

“I know! Let’s go out! Like we could call Bill or some of his friends!”

“Like that could totally make him jealous! I love it!”

“That’s more like it! I totally knew that no-one, not even Peter MacKay and Condoleezza Rice can keep Belinda Stronach down.”

“Right on girl. Let’s par-tay”

* DISCLAIMER - All Conversations/Stories are SATIRE
Copyright © 2006 Jim Sadlemyer